Outstanding Features

Anticorrosive Fin
R290 Eco Refrigerant
A+++ Energy Efficiency
75C Water Outlet
Full DC inverter


COP stands for Coefficient of Performance, and EER stands for Energy Efficiency Ratio. Both COP and EER are metrics used globally to measure the efficiency of cooling systems, including air conditioners.

Why is it so important?

Because higher values of COP and EER indicate greater energy efficiency and lower operating costs. Also the date of COP and EER is relevant because efficiency standards and technologies can change over time, so newer units may have more advanced and efficient performance.

It is advisable to check the date of COP and EER information to ensure that we have the most up-to-date and accurate efficiency ratings when comparing different air conditioning units. This helps us make informed decisions based on the latest industry standards and technological advancements.

For more 360 approach on the subject stay tuned with Kanion Co’s online initiative “K – Climate Hub: https://kclimatehub.com/” to be launched soon.

3D DC Inverter Technology

Inverter compressor provides powerful heating and cooling with minimum power consumption while inverter indoor and outdoor motors deliver comfortable airflow with maximum efficiency.

Smart Features

The control of your air conditioner is in the reach of your hand; The APPs Kanion Solar, K-Deluxe and K-Premium are available for free downloading and use on Google Play Store™ & App Store™.

Integration with Solar Technologies

Kanion Co Air Conditioners are integrated with the latest solar technologies, such as Energy Storage Devices and solar panels and are available in two types that cover the global needs for renewable energy, Hybrid solar air conditioners that work both on solar & grid power and 100% solar.

Filters & Additional Air Health Functions

Kanion Co Air Conditioners are available with 6 different filter types that completely cover increased needs for healthy air.
Kanion Co Robot Air Conditioner certification

Internationally Reliable Brand

In fact, many of our products have received accreditation for government rebates in North America, Europe, and other regions worldwide. This recognition further demonstrates the superior performance and energy efficiency of Kanion Co’s offerings, making them a smart choice for both consumers and businesses seeking top-notch air conditioning solutions.
AHRI®, BAFA®, CE®, Energy Star®, ETL®, Eurovent®, G-MARK®, ISO®, Keymark®, NEEP®, RoHS®, SASO®, SG Ready® and UL®

Advanced Conception

Indoor Unit

Outdoor Unit

World Class Compressor

Experience unparalleled cooling performance with our air conditioner’s world-class compressor.

Engineered with precision and advanced technology, this compressor sets the standard for excellence in the industry. It delivers exceptional cooling power, ensuring a comfortable environment even in the hottest climates.

Stable and Powerful Motherboard

At the heart of our air conditioner lies a stable and powerful motherboard, designed to provide seamless operation and enhanced functionality.

This intelligently engineered component ensures the smooth and efficient functioning of the entire system. Its robust design guarantees stability, reliability, and long-term performance, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted comfort.

High Efficiency Indoor and Outdoor Motor

Our air conditioner is equipped with high-efficiency indoor and outdoor motors, delivering outstanding performance while minimizing energy consumption.

These motors are meticulously designed to optimize airflow and enhance cooling efficiency, providing superior comfort while maximizing energy savings.

Energy Consumption Management

With Energy Consumption Management (ECM), you observe in real time the power consumed by your air conditioner, while you are further enabled to pre-set the desired consumption level or be allowed to figure out and stick with the most environmentally friendly consumption behaviors. *(ECM) is a function of the smart app controller