Founded in 2010,
Kanion Co has grown into a global brand.

Through continuous innovation and an unwavering commitment to sustainability, Kanion Co has been established as a sheer trendsetter in developing eco-friendly, energy-efficient air conditioning solutions without compromising indoor comforts.

Eco-Conscious Solutions

Kanion Co’s has been founded on the premise of pushing boundaries and challenging conventions. With significant investments in R&D, materials science, and next-generation manufacturing processes, Kanion Co delivers advanced products that set new standards of performance, efficiency, and sustainability. 


The group’s highly skilled team relentlessly researches for innovative ways to maximize cooling power while minimizing energy use and environmental footprint.


Kanion Co’s mission transcends manufacturing best-in-class air conditioners that incorporate recyclable and non-toxic materials, minimize waste, and prioritize energy conservation in all operations.


The final goal is to provide reliable comfort and promote responsible energy use for households and businesses worldwide.

Integrating Energy Resources

Sustainability today translates to so many more initiatives than just reducing energy consumption – it’s truly about reimagining climate solutions.

Kanion Co products go beyond energy efficiency by integrating solar technologies. This seamless initiative taps into renewable solar energy to drastically reduce reliance on fossil fuels and move closer to achieving net-zero energy usage.

The initiative doesn't stop there...

In a journey to constantly innovate, Kanion Co strives to maximize energy conservation at every touchpoint.


This can be further broken down in eco-friendly refrigerants, recyclable materials, optimized heat transfer systems to minimize the carbon footprint, products that utilize energy waste to cover our most demanding and energy consuming domestic needs and Total Energy Solution with an array of advanced energy storages and inverters that can integrate with all our products.


Recognition and Accolades

Most recently, in 2023 – 2024, Kanion Co was featured among the most environmentally friendly companies worldwide in a special issue by The CEO Magazine® , an affirmation to our efforts of developing eco-conscious air conditioning solutions that reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint.

The Co was also named Best Air Conditioner Supplier by the Corporate Vision Magazine® for unrivalled product quality and performance and was included in the 50 Best Companies in the World to Watch by The Silicon Review® , for continuous advancements in air conditioning technology through investments in R&D and sustainability.


Looking ahead

Kanion Co remains committed to innovating, leading, and pushing the envelope when it comes to sustainable air conditioning and continuing developing cutting-edge solutions that set the global standard for efficiency, effectiveness, and eco-consciousness.

Chronicle of development

Kanion Co has charted a remarkable journey since its establishment in 2010. From its humble beginnings, the Co has grown into a prominent player in the air conditioning industry. Let's take a closer look at the significant milestones in the Co's timeline:

Kanion Co Brand Logo


Kanion Co founded.


Air Conditioning division Kanion products are accredited some of the most prestigious and demanding certificates globally.


Solar air conditioning division is established and conventional air conditioners are regularly integrated with solar technologies.


Awarded by Silicon Review and Corporate Vision Magazine among the most prestigious start-ups globally.


Kanion Co trademark is registered in more than 100 countries as Kanion Co products reach the planet from north to south and east to west.


Small Domestic Appliances division is established and the Co’s culture of energy efficiency expands to other product lines.


The division of Kanion Co Total Energy Solution is established and inverters, energy storages and Air To Water Heat Pumps are introduced in to the Co’s portfolio.


Invited by The CEO Magazine to exhibit the Co’s approach on sustainability and develop a discussion of broader interest on the matter.


K-Climate Hub initiative is established A free, online, global platform dedicated to sharing tools of measuring a home’s energy consumption and environmental footprint and tips and consistent knowledge on how to improve energy efficiency.